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Corporate Module


    Content Management
    System At Flexi Web To Print, we understand that printing companies are most efficient (and profitable) when they print more.
    Blog At Flexi Web To Print, we understand that printing companies are most efficient (and profitable) when they print more.
    Portfolio In addition to the high-end yet easy-to-use web to print solutions, we also offer a Product Gallery (or Portfolio) section where you can showcase your best print jobs.
    SEO - Search Engine
    Optimization Search Engines are the key to online marketing and they are believed to favour websites with unique keyword-rich static text.

Process Atomization

    VDP – Variable Data
    Printing The key challenge that a corporate printing business faces, is printing official business cards in small quantity for multiple people.
    Imposition The process of making Print imposition on one sheet or developing CTP is different for digital and offset printing.
    Bulk Update
    Pricing Print rates depend on the cost of raw material like paper, ink, and other supporting items, which is dynamic.
    Preflight check at
    Image Level The whole idea of setting up online printing store for retail business customer is to cut out the manual efforts required before the actual printing.

Expand Your Reach

    Large Format
    Support At Flexi, we strongly believe in one price one product. Unlike others, we don't charge anything extra for a module like corporate, large format, javascript editor, white label and so on.
    3rd Party
    Integrations Businesses innovate every day. In the web to print ecommerce business ecosystem, it is common for companies to collaborate with other websites or portals offering complementary products / services.
    Java Script
    Editor While the Online Editor is the most important part of any online printing solutions, it’s important to understand the fact that the technology on which it runs the “web to print” is a lot more.
    Print Colour
    Support In the world of web to print storefront, you might find a lot of junk, selling in the name of ‘online printing editor’.
    Online printing of
    Die-cut & Any Shape
    Cards The core of any web to print solutions is the ability given to printing company to upload their own design in any shape.
    3rd Party SSL
    certificate for PRINT
    COMMERCE Today, a website with SSL certificate is considered more secure. This is because as the digital world is evolving, the type and nature of security threats are multiplying.

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