Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of printers across the globe. From our interactions, we learned that client acquisition in the online printing world is the biggest challenge that a printing company faces. They are now aspiring to attract new clients through search engines.

Most web to print powered online printing solution simply list down the print products and rates. This works fine for existing clients but does nothing for building organic traffic for your website. This is because selling is no longer straightforward. In the digital age, ‘educate and earn’ is the mantra. Prospects want to learn more and conduct research before buying. This is where digital marketing and keyword rich unique content comes into the picture.

Apart from the static content on your web to print website, a blog is one of the most popular and efficient means for adding fresh content. As a printing company, you should publish high-quality, unique content at regular intervals. This will not only help educate your clients but also help your search engine rankings because search engines are always hungry for fresh content. When prospective clients search online printing solution related keywords on search engines, they are likely to be led to your website because it carries unique, fresh, and updated content.

If you have the resources, you can write the content on your own, or engage external help for content writing. In any case, uploading and publishing the content is easy. Simply log into the CMS, Copy/ Paste using Flexi Web to Print Blog's Module, and Publish!

Remember, simply making a website might not bring you the expected results. Do more by regularly adding relevant content to your online printing solution to get noticed.

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