What is Web To Print? Web 2 Print? Or W2P?

There are certain misconceptions about print ecommerce technology of doing print business using Internet !

  • Some people believe that web 2 print is a mere alternative for delivering data to a print service provider. It is surely more than a substitute for e-mail or file transfer.
  • Another idea suggests that Web To Print is the process of ordering printed products over the Internet.

Although these ideas might individually describe some aspects of a web 2 print system, they are still far from the real offering.

Simply put, Web To Print is

  • A web-based online printing solutions / print management software that allows the online generation of print ready files that can be individually modified and delivered to Digital / offset printing companies for processing and printing.
  • A print ecommerce system that does not expect its users to have knowledge of any designing or editing software. All you need is an Internet connection and a Web Browser!

In technological terms

  • A Web To Print system comprises a server that acts as the central point for communications, and a front end - usually a web browser, via which the user interacts with the server.
  • The server includes a database that holds large amounts of information in a structured form and a print management software that performs two important tasks:
    • Generation of a preview of the design layout created. The display in the web browser allows the user to change and edit content.
    • Real-time generation of a print-ready file (often in the form of .pdf)
    • The file thus compiled and saved on the server, ready to be delivered to the printing company.

Web to Print can hence be an ideal online printing solutions for businesses that require reprints while keeping a major part of the design and layout unchanged. Applications like promotional material, business stationery, advertisements, Flyer, posters, postcards, brochures, catalogs etc are best printed through a print management platform and at the same time it act as speed source of order generation for commercial printers.

Higher levels of process optimization, increased standardization, centralized corporate communication and maintaining corporate identity and brand assets all become easier with a w2P application.

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