How Does Flexi Print Shop's Online Printing Solutions Works?

What more can I do with Flexi web to print software for Corporate Printing?

Create Central List of Customer

Flexi web to print software gives you a Online Printing Solutions for corporate client which help you manage customer data centrally. It stores complete project and client related information like:

  • Previous and new designs, layouts, templates etc in print-ready file format
  • Rates and the corresponding specifications agreed upon
  • Single or multiple location delivery addresses
  • Details about the authorized person at the client's side

The Online Printing Solution automatically populates the name, address etc for the client, compiles and prints an invoice for a particular order and initiates electronic communication.

Create Multi-User Access

If you are a large print house with different departments like Sales, Account, Technical etc, you can create multiple user accounts at your end and give them specific access based on their roles and responsibility.

As the Flexi Web to Print Software's online printing solution for corporate printing is centralised, your users can access the same from any location and work seamlessly. You will experience better co-ordination, shorter turnaround times and increasing error-free printing jobs, hence boosting your efficiency and finally business!

Allow your Corporate clients to place orders - 24x7!

Flexi web to print software allows access to your corporate clients anytime and from anywhere. They can interact with your virtual office that requires almost zero human intervention with the help of Online Printing Solutions. You can easily register your clients online using our web to print sofware specially devceloped for corporate printing clietns and offer them a login name and password. So that your clients can:

  • Define Multi User, Multi Branch and give Authorization for Job Approval
  • Browse through all the Print designs uploaded by you
  • Carry out modification and update details with the help of an online Java script editor
  • Proofread digital copies before placing an order for print or re-print
  • Select delivery specific address

All this without even speaking to you as its managed by web to print software

Automatically Generate print schedule!

Simply login to the Flexi Online Printing Solutions for corporate printing and check all the orders that the system has generated. You can manually insert other orders generated offline and create a comprehensive print-schedule for the day.

The system will send out emails and notifications to all the concerned departments during every step in the process. E.g. As soon as the job is printed; the accounts department is sent with copy of Information for the Invoice;

An administrator can login to the web to print storefront system at any time, oversee the process and monitor the real-time status!

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