View and Authorize Orders

If your corporate printing clients need multi-level approvals before printing, the Flexi Web to Print Software is flexible enough to incorporate the requirements. Depending on the authorisation set, your customer can choose a single person authorisation for multiple individuals per location.

When an corporate printing order is generated, it is sent for approval. This triggers an email carrying the details of the person and the details of the print order; and seeks print order authorisation from the concerned person. The print order is treated valid and confirmed only after the necessary approval/s are provided.

Whenever the authorised person logs into the Web to Print Software he/ she can see the branch wise Print Orders Pending for Authorisation (if Print order authorisation per branch is defined). Once the order is approved, you as the Printer Admin can view it as Order to be Executed.

This feature helps avoid any confusion or delays in obtaining permission from corporate printing customer.

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