Online Printing Solution - Intuitive Dynamic Calculators to Simple Online Calculators - Choice is yours!

Core of any Web 2 Print / Online Printing Solution is online real-time cost / quote calculator. Flexi Web 2 Print's Online Printing Solution offers you Simple as well as Dynamic Calculator.

Simple Online Print Quote Module / Calculator for Online Printing Shop

A Simple Online Print Quote Module / Calculator is a quick and standard Quote calculator that works flawlessly for print products involving few standard items that have fixed rates for fixed quantity. If the rates of any of the inputs like paper, ink or other factors change, you just need to re-enter the corresponding prices for your print products.

This option works well for Short Run Digital Printing, where jobs are smaller and prices are fixed. It also works well for scenarios where you do not want to offer too many print products options.

Intuitive Dynamic Print Quote Module / Calculator For Online Printing Shop

Considering different business segment in printing industry what Flexi offers is Dynamic Calculator which works for Digital Printing, Offset Printing along with Wedding / Invitation Card, Wide-format / Large format, Book Printing, Stickers, Signage & Industrial warning labels, Plastic cards / ID cards, Personalised printing & Photo print market to run and manage their online printing shop.

If the only thing constant about your business is change, a Dynamic Print Quote Module / Calculator is what your business needs. This web-based automated Print Quote Module can handle any kind of products. The final Online Print Quote is dynamically arrived at after considering various factors such as Paper Size, Paper Weight, Plate, Finishing, Machine Size and even Courier Rates!

If the price of any of the inputs change, you need not recalculate / modify your complete price list, just edit / modify rates of that particular item / material and the system will automatically modify the output, ensuring that the customer always gets an instant ONLINE PRINTING QUOTE!

That's not all!

When you introduce a new printing product, you only need to select the relevant input requirements (just feed the information about various permutations and combinations that this product layout/ paper can have) and Web 2 Print / Online Printing Solution will automatically generate a price list / Online print quote for different quantities on the spot, instant in REAL TIME!

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