Flexi web to print software supports multi-language, multi-currency and is therefore used by digital and offset printers from different parts of the world. Every country has its taxation system. Sometimes, one nation one tax, or state wise tax, and most of the time, product wise tax. Some countries even have double taxation like Service Tax (For Designing) and VAT (For Printing) on the same product hence same invoice might carry multiple taxes.

Especially when printing companies run online printing store, it is important to follow tax compliance as clients don't speak or check, but pay whatever final invoice amount shown on the print ecommerce website.

Based on responses from our printing clients from different parts of the world, we have implemented tax systems that allow users to set taxes such as one flat tax, in addition to a provision for them to set taxes area wise and/ or product wise. The point is, you can configure the multi-type of taxation with web to print software.

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