Flexi Print Shop's Online Printing Solutions for Corporate

Catering to Corporate Printing Customers needs a different process

The famous Pareto principle (or the 80-20 rule) states that, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Something similar is seen when you cater to corporate customers! For most of us, our corporate customers might make up 20% of our clientele, but they give us 80% of our Printing business.

These Corporate customers have very specific and specialised corporate printing requirements that the retail customers might not. Besides, your chances of receiving bulk and recurrent orders from your corporate clients are higher.

That is why you need to provide them with the most professional and efficient web to print storefront / online printing solutions, thereby remaining their preferred vendor, and generating more and more business from them.

Corporate Printing

  • Multiple small orders every time with minor changes - For example, they might want you to print business cards for thousands of employees, but in small quantities (say 150-200) - with different name, phone numbers and e-mail Ids. Needless to say you will have to follow their corporate brand guideline to avoid rejection of jobs.
  • Bulk promotional material orders to be delivered in different quantities at different delivery addresses/ branches/ locations.

When you deal with Corporate customers for their corporate printing need, they have elaborate vendor and payment processing systems. You might need a special account manager to handle all the administrative tasks such as:

  • Each time somebody from a different branch sends printing order, they want you to seek the authorisation of the responsible person. This increases your administrative duties as you need to compile and maintain a list of authorised persons per branch and gain authorisation before executing final print order.
  • They expect you to preserve their corporate identity in a secured environment and make minor changes on the spot.
  • While they do not want to print a job without the PO they have raised, their deadline is always yesterday!
  • Every time you request for payment they want you to e-mail the complete ledger and would like to see their complete print order history for an audit.

So, what you need is an online printing solution for your corporate customers.

At Flexi web to print, we understand that the specific processes for corporate customers cannot be handled by typical online printing solution, which is tailored to cater to retail customers. You require a dedicated web to print solution for corporates that give you access as a printer and special access to your corporate clients.

This online printing solution for corporate printing equips your corporate clients to handle multiple users and multiple branches besides assigning authorised persons for branch wise orders.

Flexi web to print StoreFront offers a dedicated online printing solution for corporates, which is available at no extra cost along with your web to print Storefront. This system offers you the flexibility to carry out one or both, depending on your customer type.

Corporate Client