Large Format Support

Based on the responses from our printing clients, especially some of them who wanted to introduce online large format printing with an edit facility for their clients to carry on textual changes and update images, we understood that unlike normal printing products with multiplier parameters, rates for large format printing goes FT/ foot wise with option to select material.

We also understand that large format printing machine software can enlarge the artwork based on the size selected. We worked very closely with our clients offering Online large format printing and developed the Large Format Support as a part of our standard web to print product.

If you wish, you can offer large format printing services on your online printing store. While creating a product, we ask you simple question – Will You Offer Standard Product Or Large Format? If you select Large Format, we offer you the facility to enter your printing rates Sq. Ft. wise or Sq. Inch wise as per your convenience.

At Flexi, we strongly believe in one price one product. Unlike others, we don't charge anything extra for a module like corporate, large format, javascript editor, white label and so on. Wherever possible, we try to merge multiple modules as part of our standard web to print product.

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