Web To Print For Everyone!

“Web To Print For Everyone” is our tag line, and for good reason too! From the day we started building our product, we wanted to use a technology which can generate PDF file from any print design and can be printed on one sheet, front/ back, and multi-fold!

The question is not what you print. It is, ‘Can your printing machine or printing process use PDF for printing?’ If the answer is YES, you can start using Flexi web to print to cater to that business segment of printing. By using our W2P solution, you can print anything on everything. The versatility of Flexi w2p makes it applicable for anyone who requires effective administration, storage, and retrieval of print jobs of any kind, at any scale.

It is a comprehensive print on demand solution that offers more than Archiving, Proofreading, Online editing, and Administrative tools. At Flexi, web to print we analysed different businesses segments, studied the processes followed by them for print orders and understood business metrics WRT calculating offering cost to their end customer.

Accordingly, we have tailored our w2p solution to work in tandem with the needs of the different business segments in the printing industry, with a special focus on eliminating the time and resources spent over non-core activities.

Keeping in mind the complexity, types of jobs, volumes, and decision-making structures, we have tweaked our web to print modules (which still act as universal printing standards) as per the processes employed in specific print business segments.

Our product is ready for use in different kind of printing business segments such as Wide/ Large Format Printing, Wedding/ Invitation Card, Book Printing, Textile Printing, Photo Gift Printing, Plastic Cards ID card printing, and any kind of printing on paper for digital and offset printing industry!

The most important point is Flexi Web To Print is “ONE PRICE ONE PRODUCT”. Not like others who charge you separately for each print business segment as an add-on. Many w2p vendors will give you basic W2P solution for printing and when you ask for wide format, they will say that their software is not meant for wide format and that you have to buy an add-on.

At Flexi, we do not believe in unnecessarily complicating things with add-ons. We have bundled everything into a single product.

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