Web To Print For Online Book Printing

Amazon started as an online book store and are now are an online market place the world over. While they launched digital books on their Kindle platform, they still sell hard copies. They are every where from web to print!

The Internet has connected like-minded people. You need not be a bestseller to reach your audience. Through a simple blog, you can reach out to a small audience who loves reading what you write. Another sea-change is that a publisher is no longer a gatekeeper. Taking the self-publishing route, you can publish your book in small quantities.

This is because, with offset printing, that follows a different method, you had no choice but to go for at least 500 books. However, thanks to short run digital printing, you can even print 25 books! Of course, nothing changes WRT quality and output. It will print a hard cover in colour and rest of the pages in black and white. You will get binding options and personalisation on cover and back page to upload your photo, blurb, and copyright notice.

If you look closely, you realize that while every business segment follows similar print methods, their post printing process is different, and so is their costing calculator. That is why a one-size-fits-all solution fails in this industry, and printing companies are eventually forced to buy a core web to print solutions with add-ons for book printing.

Similarly, we learned that the core writing in any book remain the same. Authors want to personalize the main cover page and the back-cover page. So why not extend the web to print solutions to online book printing, by building a facility to edit in addition to upload?

An author can select the front/ back book cover design and upload the rest of the core content. He/ she will be offered a choice to select other parameters like number of pages of his core writing, colours on front back cover, type of binding and number of books to be printed. Complete web to print solutions with ordering process along with digital proof-reading and online payment remains the same, but it computes an instant quote.

This is a boon for authors and bloggers who would like to order small print runs of their books without the hassles of seeking a designer, DTP operator, and a publisher. It is also extra business for printers because not all printers would carry complete post-printing book making facilities. Even if they do, they might not have the web to print module to support and speed-up online book printing.

At Flexi, we keep learning and pushing the boundaries of our system. We develop newer variable modules along with standard universal printing process so that the web to print Solutions can be adopted for anything and everything in print.

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