What is Flexi Web To Print?

Flexi Web to Print software is an easy to operate, high performance Online Printing Solution that allows you to

  • Attract New Customer from all over the world by offering them full-fledged Web to print storefront gives them facility to upload their design for printing or use professional quality ready to use templates offered by Flexi.
  • Provide Online valued added services to your existing corporate customer by uploading their brand identity material and allow them to modify & re-order the same through dedicated corporate page for each of your corporate customer.

Flexi Web to Print software Provides Facilities to

  • Go Online & start Accepting payment within 24 hours
  • Offer Professional quality designs to your customers
  • Modify & Upload your Customer's customised designs, layouts, templates through a web-browser
  • Allow your customers to Order prints in real-time through the Internet
  • Manage a complete back office administrative process capable of
    • Remembering Rates
    • Raising a PO
    • Finalizing design layouts
    • Proofreading
    • Invoice generation
    • Tracking delivery status
    • Maintaining an order history
    • Archiving of printed jobs for future re-printing
  • A typical Web to print Storefront setup requires a significant amount of technical knowhow, hardware infrastructure, regular maintenance, up-gradation and security. The installation involves setting-up:
    • A server
    • A database management system
    • An editing tool
    • A publishing tool
    • A complete print procurement back-end
    • Finally implementing complete Web to print solution

Flexi Online Printing Solution brings to you this complete Web to print Storefront package as a service that can be directly accessed through your web-browser, without setting-up any technical infrastructure at your end. The Flexi Web to print Solution can be administered centrally and easily configured and scaled to suit your applications.

What does Flexi Web to print Solution include?

We understand your Print Order procurement process and offer a corresponding front-end.

Along with the customised GUI, you get a single power-packed Online Printing Solution which controls both your front end store front as well as dedicated page for corporate client with the following functionalities:

  • A centralised administrative and control access to create additional users and decide their accessibility rules
  • WYSIWYG java script editor to carry out minor modification to your designs, layouts etc
  • A Publishing tool to create print-ready .pdf files
  • Complete back office process tool that manages administrative process involved with print jobs
  • Hosting Space require to run complete infrastructure
  • Ready to use print ecommerce storefront

Just choose the functionalities you need and our dynamic setting module will cut the flab and deliver exactly what you ask for! Use it the way you want, we assure you a hassle-free process, right from selecting a design to final print. All you need is just a web-browser to run this Power Packed Web to print Solution!

Flexi Online Printing Solution been conceptualised and built after thoroughly understanding the specific needs of the various stakeholders associated with the print industry. If you want to know more about how web to print software can help you in your industry, feel free to write to us and we will be happy to guide you.

Flexi Web To Print