VDP – Variable Data Printing

In addition to running a B2C (Business To Consumer) online printing storefront using the web to print technology to generate new orders, it is very important to approach SMEs/ MMEs & Corporate printing clients and offer to automate their print order processes.

The key challenge that a corporate printing business faces, is printing official business cards in small quantity for multiple people. This warrants a lot of additional and indirect work for the printer, even before he starts printing - which is where their real strength (and interest) lies.

When we learned about this challenge that printers (and their clients face), we developed the VDP / Variable Data Printing module with our web to print software. This facility allows clients to send or upload a spreadsheet with the details of the employees and their standard business card template.

The Flexi web to print software's Variable Data Printing Module / VDP does the rest. It fetches each employee detail and automatically inserts it into the print template and creates imposition final artwork-ready-file for the printer to place on the printing machine, and Press Print Button!

With every upgrade, we try our best to automate tasks so that you can print more to earn more!

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