Preflight Printing at Image Level

The whole idea of setting up online printing store for retail business customer is to cut out the manual efforts required before the actual printing. At an actual print shop, clients either email or carry flash drives and want printing companies to generate a design for them before actual print.

Commercial Printing needs high-resolution images or photos and it is important to check the photo quality to avoid pixelated printing due to low-resolution images.

When you run an online printing store there's no manual interaction and it is important that your system doesn’t accept files which it can't print well. This is where preflight printing at Image Level comes into the picture. Through coding, the Flexi web-to-print system verifies if the image passes the test for high-resolution. If not, it will reject the image/s or send an alert to the user to replace the image.

However, if a template made by you, it is perfect in all aspects as you have taken care of all printing limits, fonts, colours, cutting mark. etc., while creating and uploading in the web-to-print system. The rest has been taken care by the system while interacting with users online. In the end, the final result is that your file is Ready To Print!

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