Web To Print For Photo Gift Printing Market

The Internet has disrupted businesses like nothing else. Technology has changed the size of many businesses. Those who failed to adopt have gone out of businesses, while those who leveraged it have achieved many milestones and continue to flourish.

This is what we have seen in “amateur” photography market. We don't see cameras with rolls, and hence there are no photo printing labs anymore. The photo market has Gone Digital & Online. So the need for web to print for personalise photo printing market.

Traditionally, photos were clicked sparingly, and at special events and social functions, because they involved a cost. However, today, amateur photographers do it for fun and passion. It costs nothing if they already own a smartphone with decent camera.

We have seen a complete shift – from a professional clicking photos for you, to the self-taken photographs in the world of selfie. Today, even the most trivial of moments are clicked and shared on social media.

Technology and social media have changed consumer behaviour. Today, people first order unique and customized products themselves, followed by customized gifts for others. The way memories are stored and shared is changing, and all of this is influencing the photo printing industry.

We believe that the web to print software, though primarily made for digital and offset printing companies, is not limited to only printing on paper. Its superior technology allows you to print on any surface using same universal file PDF.

We at Flexi web to print prophesised it long back that printing industry will do more than ‘printing on paper’ because technology has made it possible to bring in many more different and unique business segment for the printing industry.

You can print on any surface - we say print anything on everything. Material of printing changed from only paper to ceramic, plastic, glass, wood and now even on cloth. All printing method prints using same PDF file which is generated using Flexi web to print solution for photo print / personalised photo gifting market.

Here is a very big opportunity for digital printing companies, retail digital print stores, photo print stores, personalised photo gift items makers, and innovative product sellers, to reach out to a new set of end consumers. Investment of bringing in photo printing machinery here are not high, and you can print on hundreds of peronslise photo gifting items and make them available across multiple locations.

Yes, it does need you to offer facility for your client to upload their own picture either from their phone, Facebook, or other social media site, see how it looks, offer them a gift packing option, and of course an online payment facility.

You need a web to print technology for photo print / personalise gift market that allows you to upload your own print design template considering strict print area, pre-flight to automatically check if the image uploaded by the client is of correct resolution (if not give an alert to the end customer). If system sends you print ready file, you only need to use your machine to transfer the photo on product you have in stock and deliver it.

For each of this business segment for printing industry, you need to leverage web to print. We only want you to understand the opportunity in each market and how the same powerful technology can open multiple opportunities for your photo print / personalise photo gift business.

You bring an idea of printing a product we will make sure you focus more on printing and we take care of everything from connecting customer to collecting payment and sending your correct file.

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