The process of making Print imposition on one sheet or developing CTP is different for digital and offset printing. Most digital printers receive multiple small orders – from one client for short-run small quantity printing, or from multiple clients but still for small quantities, and the clients want instant or quick standard printing.

On the other hand, offset printing companies get multiple orders wherein paper specification and ordered quantity for all orders are same. They would like to pool the multiple orders on one plate / CTP.

Flexi web2print software's imposition module offers you the facility to select single or different jobs and club them together on one print sheet. Once you buy our web2print software, our team works with you to understand more about the machines you use and UPs you expect while print imposition.

The idea is to reduce manual involvement and automate tasks so that a printer can focus on printing. Needless to say, if you still prefer to make print imposition on your printing machine, our system still delivers a single PDF file with cutting mark for you to further use it for print imposition. This is why we named our product Flexi web2print software!

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