Benefits of Flexi Print Shop's Digital Printing Solutions

Offer Great Service along with Best web to print Technology

If your business needs a smart and hassle free Web 2 Print solution, Flexi Online Printing Software is the answer. Implement the best in print management technology without the technical hassles or sky-high costs involved in setting up your own hosting, security, bandwidth, server side licenses etc.

You no longer have to fret competition from more established players. Your customers with appreciate your personalised service and will always prefer to do business with you. Using web to print solutions you can move on from being just a printer to becoming the printer of choice!

Freedom from Royalty issues for Professional Quality Design

Flexi web to print solutions is brought to you by Flexi Templates which is the design enabler for this techno-creative offering. With over 1100+ ready-to-use print design templates available through its web portal, Flexi Templates is a design and creation hub that adds newer designs almost every day.

You can simply log on to Flexi Online Printing Software and choose from thousands of editable web to print design templates, at no extra charges or royalty. All you need to do is avail our affordable packages and be gear-up to handle multiple print orders!

Online Design tools for your customer as a Value Added Service

Flexi web 2 print for Printers comes with a simple online - What You See Is What You Get online design tool – java script editor. Using easy to operat Online Printing Software your clients can retrieve previously saved layouts or select royalty-free designs, edit, online customise and proofread them and place print or re-print orders. You no longer need to worry about delays in printing due to minor editing and design changes.

Standardisation/ Online Quote

While dealing with small order quantities across multiple clients and huge number of designs, what you need is standardisation. Flexi web 2 print shop / web to print solutions provides a standardised module that allows you to update rates for paper, finishing, printing, taxes, courier etc. You no longer need to offer individual quotes to your clients. the system automatically computes and communicates an online quote!

Your Own Online Payment Gateway

Flexi web 2 print handles your payments online through its pre-configured standard payment gateway. We can also customized and integrated payment gateways as per your preference or availability in your country of operation.

No Transaction based fees

With Flexi web 2 print there are no incremental costs. All you pay is a periodic fixed fee. That's right, you need not worry about paying variable amounts based on the business you generate through the portal. You will receive the complete amount transferred by your customers. Moreover there are no separate payables for templates or any charges for the number of orders generated!

Expand your business! Sky is the Limit.

Since Flexi web 2 print store front brings to you complete standardisation, you can generate orders from almost anywhere in the world. With a blend of excellent quality prints, great prices and a state-of-the-art technological service platform you can take your business to unprecedented heights.

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