JavaScript Editor / HTML5 Editor for Web to Print

While the Online Editor is the most important part of any online printing solutions, it’s important to understand the fact that the technology on which it runs the “web to print” is a lot more. No one pay attention to reality that offering online printing solutions is not possible without

  • Admin wherein you add items and fix rates,
  • Design wherein you offer design template to your clients for online editing,
  • Prepress wherein you examine the quality (resolution) of the file (or pre-flight) uploaded by the client, carry on printing, delivery management, online payment collection and finally invoice generation.

Web to print system is a complete chain and not just the JavaScript Editor / HTML5 editor. There is a myth spread by some pseudo online printing solutions providers that ‘editor is everything’. However, when this editor was proved incompatible with mobile and tablets, they started selling newer versions at Additional Costs as - JavaScript Editor HTML5 editor For web to print!!!!!

Technology changes fast. While established and popular player shut shop, a nobody suddenly because indispensable – and that you cannot go ahead without using their technology. Hence, you need to keep adapting to the technological changes as soon as they become famous – ‘Be In The Race’ is the name of the game.

When you are with Flexi web2print you need not worry about what editor it is. We assure you it will run across all devices - be it desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. If technology demands JavaScript or HTML5 Editor, consider it DONE at no extra cost to you. Flexi web2print Standard module comes with built-in JavaScript Editor / HTML5 Editor which supports all devices.

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