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Flexi Web to Print: Modify, Proof, Save

Full-fledged ready to use products was launched by end of the year 2012. Based on customer's feedback/suggestion the solution has seen four major upgrades in two year's time. and upgrade has been launched at the PrintPack show.

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Flexi Web-to-Print

In recent times, the industry has seen a surge among print firms willing to own a webstore. This has been a good marketing strategy for the one's wanting to stay ahead in competition.

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Web-to-Print and ERP for Printing

Manoj Kotak, managing director of Image Online, is an expert on web designing, web-to-print and e-commerce. He explores on how to integrate ERP with web-to-print solution in the first of his series of blogs on PrintWeek India's website.

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Flexi Web 2 Print Showcases Software

Flexi Web 2 Print the Mumbai-based web-to-print software provider and first time exhibitors are showcasing their Flexi Web to Print shop software, a full-fledged web-to-print e-commerce platform at PrintPack India 2013. The company has also launched an iPad version of their platform at the show.

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It also provides hosting support via Its parent company Image Online and also helps with SEa and promotion of the new store front. The software includes a dynamic courier rate module that assists in calculating the shipping costs of the printouts. Built on top of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack, the web-based WYSIWYG editor requires Flash, which means that iPads and iPhones are not supported as far as editing the design is concerned. Users are immediately.

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Web 2 Print

Flexi Web-to-print is becoming a major player in the w2p industry with a strong presence in social media. I've asked Manoj Kotak to answer a few questions about this company and his feeling about the evolution of the print-on-demand market.