Benefits of Flexi Print Shop's Online Printing Solutions.

Your clients can place orders 24x7!

Flexi Web to print software allows your corporate clients to use your corporate printing services online and place orders anytime and from anywhere! Our Online Printing Solutions for corporate clients holds their existing artworks, your existing rates, delivery address details and contact details of the authorized person.

Increase efficiency - Generate more print runs

Since all your Corporate Printing clients details are available online, they can start using your virtual office to place print orders. Routine non-productive jobs like sending and receiving client communications about rates, approvals, PO, invoice etc are automated with the help of Online Printing Solutions. This saves you a lot of time that can be devoted to core activities like business development etc. Hence, Flexi Web to print software's corporate module enables you to work smarter, and increase your efficiency!

Achieve zero job and quote errors

Since Flexi web to print software provides centralised 24x7 access to you and your corporate printing clients, information and data sharing happens in real-time. Since the clients offer you confirmed error-free, proofread (print-ready) files, your job becomes very easy as you do not have to worry about minor mistakes cropping up after you setup the print job.

The routine client-wise and job-wise printing rates are fed into the & Online Printing Solutions by you and your corporate clients can check them in real-time and place orders accordingly without needing to speak to you. This is extremely beneficial if you maintain a different rate structure for different clients. Since the web to print software remember everything, achieving zero errors is truly possible!

Scheduling of jobs become easy

Once you start using the Flexi Web to print software for all your clients, your business will gradually move online. Even corporate printing orders generated off line can be manually fed into the system. You can simply log-on to the Online Printing Solution module and pull up corporate printing order sheet which lists all the jobs for the day and hence the schedule.

If you have multiple printing facilities, based on the schedule generated, you can decide if a job needs to be diverted elsewhere, to achieve economies of volume. All this is possible only because you have all your information at a single point, your Flexi web to print software!

Allowing quick minor modification

Once your customers are able to access their designs online using Online Printing Solutions module for corporate printing, they can carry out quick modifications / online customisation and proofread through the online editing tool and hence finalise a design faster. Which translates into faster orders for you since the need to rely on a designer is eliminated.

Automation of back office duties

Once a job is printed, the web to print software automatic sends e-mail updates to the client along with an invoice details to your account department. This will also eliminate the need for the client to call you to know the status of delivery. All the documentation like the final statement of account etc will be available to the client directly.

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