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The question every business needs to ask itself is what's changing when they try to extend their existing offline business in the online world? In our experience, the business remains the same. Only the way you do the business changes.

Getting into the web to print ecommerce has a lot of advantages. For starters, your business gets automated, it accepts orders 24x7, reduces back-office and admin tasks that takes away a lot of your time, and most importantly you are not investing anything extra to offer a 24x7 ordering facility from any part of the world.

Though it's still not free, but if worked smartly, you can establish a new online earning division of your business by paying a very nominal fee using web to print ecommerce. What you will be investing is a fee for buying web-to-print solution, which takes care of all the technology one needs to run an online printing store. You might be surprised that the monthly cost is even lower than what you might be paying for electricity and basic infrastructure.

This nominal investment will open unlimited possibilities for your business. For example, it will allow your existing customers to order your product 24x7. Since you have already invested towards extending office hours, why not use the same infrastructure, and generate new business from new clients from across the country or even the world using web to print ecommerce!

This is where it becomes very important to promote your online printing store. The obvious questions that props up, is – does W2P stand for Web-to-print or Web-to-Promote? While printing company owners are always ready to print, when it comes to promotion, they shy away. However, in this age of the Internet, you must learn to promote your web to print ecommerce store using Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing.

Whether you opt for our web-to-print solutions or not, do understand that "Learn and Grow" is the new Mantra and Kotak – No Nonsense – Digital Marketing is an effort to discuss common issues that need attention while you want to jumpstart Digital marketing for any business of yours.

The scope of Kotak is to offer free information and insights that can transform all readers into Digital Marketing Experts, and help implement new-age marketing ideas to promote their products and services. ASK KOTAK

And when you buy our product, you will a get a free, two hours session with Mr. Manoj Kotak (http://www.kotak.co.in) where he will personally attend to any questions you have related to promoting your web to print ecommerce or to setting up an online printing store. He will also offer you a free complete digital marketing plan. We don't sell, instead, we work with you to offer with free social media marketing and digital media marketing plan so that you can do it yourself!