3rd Party SSL certificate for Print COMMERCE

SSL is no more a jargon. Half a decade ago, it was not very popular and not many websites used it. However, the time has changed. Today, a website with SSL certificate is considered more secure. This is because as the digital world is evolving, the type and nature of security threats are multiplying.

While not all of these threats are applicable to your web to print ecommerce or online printing website, it is wise to be safe and secure. While the Internet is free for all, some giants benefit more and aspire to control it directly or indirectly.

A lot of regulations have been put in place by non-profit making associations to check Spamming, Hacking, Virus, and Credit Card Security. Earlier the payment gateways controlled these. However, now the focus is on securing every website.

If you don't secure your web to print ecommerce site with SSL Certificate, the browser might send warnings to your visitor that the site is not secured. This could mean the loss of trust and business. Equally importantly, Search Engines like Google will slowly and gradually stop listing your site in their result pages as they don't want to take a risk of virus spreading through your site.

Hence, the bottom line is that every website - e-commerce, web to print ecommerce or static site has been mandated to install SSL Certificate (which has a yearly fee). We cannot include it as a standard feature. But yes, we can offer the same at highly competitive rates (we minimise our margins, but we do need to pay to the certification authority on your behalf).

At Flexi web to print, we assume the technical responsibilities so that you can focus on printing. We work as your 24x7 IT manager.

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