Is Flexi Web to Print For Me?

Although the core benefit being offered is the same, our research led us towards modifying module based on behaviorist aspects of the digital / offset printing & further business segments in printing industry such as Wide Large Format Printing, Wedding/ Invitation Card, Book Printing, Textile Printing, Photo Gift Printing & Plastic Cards ID card printing

Based on following outcome we modified our web to print solutions to make it fit for Everyone!

Management / Decision making structures

Features like 'Administrative access' and other such hierarchical structures are essential when you are catering to large-size businesses / corporate printing having multi-location, multi-user systems, while a small office or home office client will need only a single access. We went ahead and incorporated both with our web to print solutions.

Size / Volume

A offset commercial printer might cater to a small number of clients like corporates or advertising agencies and design studio, while a digital printing store caters to hundreds of retail orders for short runs.

These would require printing services sourced from various printing companies and hence their cost structure changes. Also, their product offerings could range from stationary printing to personalised printing for event printing like invitation cards along with large format printing for promotion.

With Flexi Web To Print, you can choose what all printing products you would like to offer to your clients. No need for you to buy multiple online printing solutions for different printing products.

Revenue/ Cost Centre

For digital and offset printing business, printing is a source of revenue, while for a client, printing it is a cost involved in doing business. With such varied connotations for the same service, we cannot possibly offer a one-size-fits-all web to print solution.

That is why we developed a supporting module that gives you a choice to Pick & Choose or Mix & Merge. For example, we offer a Dedicated Corporate Printing Module for your clients. This allows them to place orders for items they regular print from you, without needing not go to your retail online printing store.

Print is Universal Though Printing Cost Parameters Differs

We understand that for business cards, you will ask about the number of cards that the client wants to print and if he wants front/ back printing. Whereas, for large format, you will ask how many Sq. Ft. or Sq. Inch. would he like to print. Total cost varies as per different printing parameters.

For book printing, it will be number of pages that the client would like to print and so on. We tried our best to develop a dynamic calculator with our web to print solution, flexible enough so that it can cater to the different costing needs of the largest of business segments that the printing industry caters to.

Free Web2Print Consultancy

Flexi web to print is constantly working towards finding different ways and models that will enable Digital/ Offset printing companies, Corporates, design studios, small businesses to use the Web2Print platform for all their printing requirements.

In order to handhold you towards the best Web2Print solution for your business, we offer you Free Web2Print Consultancy. Experts from our company will analyse your printing business segment or printing product requirements and suggest the fastest, the easiest and the most cost-effective way to transform your business into a Web2Print system.

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