Online printing of Die-cut & Any Shape Cards

The core of any web to print solutions is the ability given to printing company to upload their own design in any shape. To generate more business, one must keep innovating and offering different printing ideas.

We worked with our creative clients from the Online printing industry, who were trying to specialise in printing on different die-cut cards / shapes cards, instead of standards square horizontal or vertical cards. They were working on producing standard/ universal die-cut cards / shapes cards which then further be adapted to produce different designs for different industries. For example, a circular card can be used to print a design of a football, as well that of a cookie.

However, the challenge was restricting the users to fit their photo exactly on the die-cut cards / shapes cards in which the design of the template was created. This is exactly what we offer and that's why the same Flexi web to print solutions can be adapted to fit any type of printing industry.

You as a online printing company can upload any kind of design, we offer the board for you to decide exactly under which masked area or die-cut cards / shapes cards can the user upload a photo. The web to print solutions follows instruction set by you and masks the image the way you defined. Once a user approves the digital proof, it generates an artwork which can be directly used for printing and then further die cut using a die-punch or laser cutting.

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