Bulk Update Pricing

Print rates depend on the cost of raw material like paper, ink, and other supporting items, which is dynamic. To arrive at the final print quote of the job, printers must consider all these costs. Change in the cost of any raw material warrants a revision in the final printing Quote.

When you run a web to print storefront, the print quote calculator is dynamic and offers the final pricing in real-time based on parameters added through Admin. While major changes warrant re-calculation for all the product, minor updates might affect only a few rates.

Traditionally printing companies maintain product-wise spreadsheets to calculate the cost. At Flexi, we have developed a web to print storefront product to adapt to the existing systems that printing company use. That is why we have provided a facility to import rate sheets as any spreadsheet, so that you can update rates directly without the need to enter twice.

Our team works with you to understand your current calculation format and makes spreadsheets compatible with our bulk pricing auto update / import system. You can still add pricing using our web to print storefront's Admin section. We have kept our solutions flexible enough to meet all needs.

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