Offer Unique Print Products using Web to Print

This Web to Print blog is all about automation solutions for the printing industry. We help clients focus more on printing and less on the peripheral non-printing related tasks.

As a digital printing provider, you are always happy to print files as soon as they touch your machine. One of the main aspects, which is challenging specially for a retail digital printing counter is the expectations of the retail customer, who seeks help for designing (or editing existing design).

This problem can be easily met by providing an array of professional quality templates wherein a client can select a design, add content and generate print-ready files. Else, they can upload an existing design online and can carry out minor modifications through a user-friendly editor.

The need of the hour is an Auto Design or Auto Modification mechanism that will attract more customers and you will eventually print more without wasting time to receive and check artwork files. It will be value added benefit if your Auto Design Help tool can provide them the facility to create unique personalized print products, wherein they can select professional quality layouts, upload their personal data or image and view it online before ordering prints!

This can open up an additional earning opportunity from personalized printing. All this without investing anything. Of course, you need to inform clients and prospects that you also provide personalized printing services.

Personalized printing services are of various types. We are not referring to the typical Mug Printing or T-Shirt printing services, but a unique auto facility that can help your clients print highly personalized products like two-sided Business Cards, even the ones that carries a different message on every card!

In most cases, we know that the backside of a business card is left blank. Now, if a client wishes to display product images, services information, etc., their designers might charge a hefty fee because doing this manually translates into a lot of man-hours. Touching up images and fitting them on the backside of each card is indeed a tedious process.

What if you can provide this feature for free? Using w2p, you can offer this feature to your clients and allow them to upload multiple pictures from their desktop or anywhere from the www. These images are automatically scaled down and fit on the back of each card!

This kind of feature is not provided by every digital printing house since it involves lot of manual labor. However, with Web to Print, the facility is available for no cost because we have successfully automated the process online. A user has the flexibility of adding images from a product library (built through a professional photo shoot), Facebook or even a paid stock library.

When you provide this kind of features, where your attention is not required, you can bring a lot of new customers if you promote it well. This it is indeed a unique feature, which is probably not offered by your competitors.

Are you planning to offer this automated designing, modification and unique card designing service? Talk to us. We will be happy to cite LIVE case studies where we have implemented our solutions. We can guide you towards the best in quality cost effective solutions to implement the same for your Web to Print store.

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