Web to Print (W2P) & Variable Data Printing (VDP)

We are aware that VDP (Variable Data Printing) is used for mass printing of bills (e.g. electricity bills/ telephone bills), where only the Name, Addresses and Billing parameters change. This is to be done for millions of subscribers and requires a special kind of workflow software.

Now, digital printing has also helped us introduce the concept of personalized printing. For e.g. your local car dealer sends you a personalized invitation for the launch of a new car and you see that your name is printed on the registration plate of the car image in the invitation card. Naturally, he has a client database from where he prints an individual’s name on each invitation card.

Take other example, where printers have a contract with big corporate houses for printing say 100 Business Cards for thousands of employees throughout the year. Every few days, the Utility Department sends out a spreadsheet with the details of the employees for whom the cards are to be printed. The expected delivery is within 3 working days.

Another example could be that of the school identity cards. Each year a student is promoted to the next grade and a new ID card is to be printed. Most details remain the same, except for change of class, roll number and photograph. Sometime there might be a change in the address and other times there might be an ad hoc requirement when a child requests for a new card.

The examples described above fall under ‘single print in masses’. Wherein, although you are printing in bulk, every item carries a different set of variable information. These demands are not new for the printing industry. There are desktop-based workflow software or mail merge utilities that come along with the digital printing machine. These need to be configured before using.

Now, let us explore if these processes can be done online. Could it be possible for your clients to:

  • Select a standard template and
  • Upload a spreadsheet with the different parameters that need to be incorporated

Based on the requirements, a Web to Print system can generate a PDF file with Ups. One just needs to run multipage PDF to print on multi sheet without any kind of configuration on your local machine or desktop software.

Although VDP can go from simple mail merge to complex filtration of data based on certain parameters, it becomes more user-friendly when it is used in connection with your Web to Print storefront. Not all w2p software providers include this feature or allow customization to be done.

At Flexi Web to Print, we have built solutions for complex VDP requirements. Talk to us about your exact Variable Data Printing requirements and we will be happy to guide you towards the best in quality and cost effective solution.

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