SPEAK OUT! What's the Confusion around Web to Print?

Slowly and gradually offset as well as digital printing companies are realising the importance of web to print and understanding that online printing must become a part of their standard offering.

Any new technology, when launched, comes with a big price tag. However, eventually, along with its mass adoption, the cost reduces drastically and becomes affordable for most people. w2p technology is no exception.

In the last decade, web to print solutions has become pretty affordable. Not only the cost but the usability and powerful functions too have been added along the way, making it very easy for printing companies to run and manage their print shop software

Unfortunately, lot of w2p vendors have created confusion in the minds of printers about the technology, and printing companies still struggle with questions like

  • What and Why A Setup Cost?
  • Total Investment?
  • Return on Investment?
  • Headache of running and managing web to print storefront?
  • Technicality involved?
  • And finally fear of web technology.

What's stopping them might not be the cost, but the confusion and myths created by some Web 2 Print vendors who want to rip-off clients. Unfortunately, they want to leverage the confusion and are only interested in more money instead of building relationships and providing the right solution at the right price.

Another reason is the myth created by some vendors that Web 2 Print is an altogether new business generating point. Consequently, few printers focus on offering this online print ordering method to existing clients at an affordable cost.

When you be with the right vendor, your average per month investment does not cross US$199, and covers solutions for everything, including answers to the questions and confusion.

There are W2P service providers who don't charge you any setup fee, take care of all the information technology infrastructure like Server, Responsive Website, Backup of your Data, Training, Upgrades, Maintenance and ongoing support.

It's not too complex to learn the operation parts either. With the right web to print vendor, you can go live within a week's time and you will be hardly spending 90 minutes a day, only for the first week. Refer to our post Web to Print – What Are We Losing? If Not Gaining! To understand what's been suggested by other web 2 print vendors and what's the reality.

It's a 3-Step Process

  • Finalise w2p Vendor
  • Get Trained
  • Start operating

Leave the rest on WEB 2 PRINT vendor and you do the best of retaining your existing clients and generating business from new clients. You need not worry about any technological aspect and if you note now cost has dropped down to just US$199 a month.

At Flexi, refer to What You Will Get section. at http://..... You will learn that we take care of everything. We work with you to make sure that your online printing store goes live within just 7 working days if you are ready with your printing rate cards. Once you start your store you only focus on order generation and we take care of the backend and act as your IT team to make sure that your printing store is ALWAYS OPEN!

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