Web to Print & QR code for Business Cards

Know how to implement QR Code for business card using web to print technology. Article explains about format used by popular QR Code reader adding the same on your web to print storefront

QR code for Business Cards has now changed the method to point & insert. It takes only a second to read the complete contact data (Name, Address, Phone, Email) from the Business Card. This is possible because a universal QR code reader picks up data from the QR code image and directly inserts into the default Contact/ Phonebook of your mobile device.

A QR code can be used to store many different data fields like Website Address, YouTube URLs, Google Map coordinates and so on. The possibilities are endless.

We know that a QR code is an image, which cannot be read manually and needs a QR code reader. If you want a QR Code to be used on your Business Card, you need to create it as an image and print it on your card.

Hence, you need a ‘creator’ and a ‘reader’. One can create a QR code image by using free creators like www.qrstuff.com, while QR code readers are freely available for different smartphone operating systems.

Here, the object of discussion is how we can embed an Auto QR Code generator into our Web to Print store for business cards?

You already have a fixed layout/ design for corporate Business Cards. These have placeholders for fields like Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, etc. Now, you will also need to have a placeholder for the QR code image. Since you are offering online editing on your Web to Print storefront, there must be a system to generate the QR Code in real-time, based on the modifications carried out by the client. Further, this image needs to be inserted in the layout selected.

Here, we need to understand more about W2P and QR codes. Now the QR code format only defines “how” the data is encoded. There is no standardization about the specific “type/s of information” within this format. This is a challenge.

Hence, we can set global standards for various data definitions and code apps to recommend them as per the case. Most standard apps or website you might used to create a Contact QR code use the MECARD format by default (the other format is of course the more popular vCard). Hence, if you read a QR code in this format, the decoding application will easily recognize and process it.

Having said that, when you embed a QR code on your Web to Print storefront your Web 2 Print service provider needs to offer an in-built QR code generator capable of creating an image which can be read by popular decoders or QR code readers.

Write to us if you want to understand in detail on how can you implement a Web to Print store with Auto QR code generator.

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