Custom Quote

Thanks to the web to print technology, innovative print products can now be offered online, especially the printing product with standardised parameters like paper quality, size, type, folds, or front-back printing, and specialised items like coating, spot lamination along with finishing such as matt or gloss.

However, online printing clients sometimes have very specific needs, and might not find the exact product they are looking for. While this is rare, why lose any customer visiting your web to print storefront? Instead, we let them virtually define their specific needs. This is where our online custom quote for printing module helps.

While a dynamic calculator, with options for standardising most of the printing parameters, is the core of any web to print storefront, Flexi offers an additional facility for users to go à la carte and select printing products from a list and mention customisations that are not part of the parameters you have offered.

Your user is taken to a form where he/ she can select any of the items you are offering for online custom quote & printing. They can opt for a product group and enter specifications for Job Size, Height, Width, Paper Type, Colours, Folds, Binding, Expected Delivery Date, and leave instructions in the Comments field.

This online custom quote for printing form is saved under the user account and both parties – you the online printing company and the client receive emails for the custom quote for printing requirement.

At the back-end, your marketing team can upload a prepared final custom quote using the Web to print storefront's Printer Admin login. This helps the user keep track of all the printing quotes he/ she has requested, along with your offers.

All this on a click of a button!

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