Online Courier Rate Module for Printing

An online printing shop is all about expansion and reaching out to your customers like never before. Be it Local, national or International. When you have such a 24 x 7 online Printing shop, you are bound to receive orders from any country, for kinds of products, to be printed in any kind of sizes! The challenge is to remain competitive and real-time!

We help you do just that!

Our Dynamic Online courier rate module for online printing shop allows you to list down Courier Companies, define Multiple zones (National as well as International), pin codes and their corresponding rates based on different weight. You can use this feature to enter a database of multiple courier companies depending on their competitive price for a particular zip code.

The courier rate module is based on the zip code. As soon as your client mentions a zip code, the system scans the database and picks up the courier company providing the most competitive rate (entered by you) for the particular zip code. The same is automatically added to the invoice as shipping charges!

That's not the end you can also offer options for courier services such as low-cost slow delivery by Road, Fast delivery by Air and so on; visitor to your online printing store can opt for courier options based on their URGENCY!

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