Automatic Creation Of Print Product Based On User's Profile

Corporates look for Centralised Printing and De-centralised deliveries. Based on the contract you have, it might be small volumes of VDP / variable data printing (such as Business Cards), but for thousands of employees, at random intervals (based on use).

This means that as a printer, you are not sure about the quantity, delivery locations, or quantity to expect. The challenge is also with getting digital approvals. Several companies providing web to print solutions, including Flexi, offer VDP Variable Data Printing options. However, if your client clubs the printing orders and releases them in batches, there could be a lot of wastage - because even those employees who do not need the cards receive them, while those who have exhausted their cards need to wait till the next batch goes for printing.

To resolve this, we made an important change to our corporate printing module. We have the feature to offer direct access to employees. They just need to log in to our web to print solutions. The Admin fills up all the data that the employee needs to have on the card (name, designation, and contact details). As soon as the employee logs in, he sees his print product ready. He needs to just proofread and approve, and the job directly sent to you as a printing company. This way, employees order as needed, and do not need to worry about VDP variable data printing or batch ordering.

Hence, whether the order is in bulk, or from few employees, You will print in short runs and arrange for deliveries. Just a small change makes a lot of difference and makes your task easy.

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