Multiple Language and Multiple Currencies

One universal computer language helps develop software which is further made to adapt to multiple languages. At Flexi, we kept core principle of developing one web to print software which been accepted by digital and offset printing companies across the world!

To get the adaptability across the world, an important factor is that the front-end of the online printing store website should be in a language that visitors of the site understand. Standard web to print software supports multiple languages, including CKJ (Chinese, Korean & Japanese).

So, now you can run your online printing site in English as well as your local multiple languages. When you select the option of Multiple Language, the web to print software allows you to enter tabs for each language you opt for.

What’s more? The language as well as currency changes based on the country in which you install our software. If you are exporting your printing product, you can also offer rates in the local currency of the country where you are exporting from your online printing website.

Everything is possible. Just click on the multi-currency option and you be allowed to enter rates for the same product in different currencies.

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