Digital Proof in Low Resolutions

Naturally, printing companies want to retain their clients and do not like that their client carries designs they created to other printing company. This is why printers are hesitant in sharing open design files, especially when those were created at no cost to the client.

Similarly, the online printing industry runs on either the client uploading their own design or selecting from the readymade web to print templates uploaded by the printing companies. Visitors to the site feed their data and see the digital proof. Here is where many printing companies express their concerns. In order to offer an exact proof, the web to print system generates a PDF file. The printers are concerned - What if a user downloads the designed PDF and visits other printing company or prints locally?

We again used technology to plug this loophole. We built a web to print system that creates a low-resolution printing file, which is good for the client to proof-read but not FIT for any commercial printing machine to print. Still, many Online printing companies wanted us to add watermark onto the digital proof, and we heard them right.

With Flexi web to print solution, your designs are secured and you can take a call if you want to add a watermark or not. In any case, the client will get a low-resolution file only for proof-reading which is No Good For Actual Printing. If you still wish, we can add a watermark with your brand name or anything you want to add as a watermark.

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