Access Permissions

Flexi web 2 print software has been built to suit the needs of printing companies of any size. A small digital shop with few employees who are self-managing the online printing solution, to large-scale offset printing companies with big teams, with separate divisions to cater corporate printing clients based on product, delivery area, or even companies that have dedicated account managers per client.

web 2 print system is a centralised system running on the web and can be been operated from anywhere using just a browser. However, the same time it is important to restrict access permissions given to team members especially when they are operating from multiple places or when a lot of people are using the same Online Printing system.

At Flexi, instead of giving simple permission to menu buttons we have given facility to Admin for giving access based on:

  • Client : A specific member can use the web 2 print system for catering only to the client / account that he or she has been given access to, and cannot access any other information on the system. This is useful when a print manager handles a large size corporate printing customer.
  • Product Wise : Many printing companies, based on the volume of orders they get for a particular product, prefer to handover a product to a particular print manager. He or she is only responsible for order procurement and fulfillment of product. Using web 2 print It is possible to link his access to the product so when he/ she logs in, they can see details and orders related to that product only.
  • Status/ division Wise : Large printing companies have a different team like Admin for order procurement, Prepress, Production, and delivery team. Especially in the world of online printing, it is important to send a Print Job status update to the client at regular intervals, or when the Print Job status changes. Hence, when a different department is handling the product cycle, it is important to restrict access and offer the right to update print Job status, only to the department handling the stage of the production cycle. This way, the web 2 print system ensures that a wrong update is never sent.

In case you don't have multiple people accessing the web to print software and can choose to not use access permission option. The feature is available, whenever you wish to use it – fully or partially.

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