Payment Gateway

Web to Print Ecommerce or an Online Printing shop without a payment gateway is like a supermarket without a cashier! If you can display printing products and designs, the facility to accept online payments is the next logical step for concluding a sale.

If you set out to design a web to print ecommerce store from scratch and install a payment gateway, is likely to be a complex task with and you will have to incur a very heavy cost to integrate the same. However, your Flexi web to print storefront is pre-incorporate with the most popular payment gateways to accept online payment!

You just need to opt for any of these pre-set payment gateway memberships, insert your login details (which you get when you are approved as a merchandiser), and your web to print storefront will be ready to accept online payments. The amount is transferred directly to your bank account!

In case the payment gateway you want to incorporate is not a part of the standard gateways installed, contact us with the specific requirements. We will evaluate the document and incorporate your own payment gateway for a nominal fee (if any).

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