Upload Image / Photo from multiple sources

We live in the digital world and clicking photos is not a task but a habit. One don't need a special camera to capture high-resolution photos, most smartphone cameras produce excellent results. These images reside on computer, phone, or social media accounts such as Facebook. This is what exact scenario with online printing customer.

Your Prospective Online Printing Clients keep adding these up as it costs them nothing to capture or to store it. Soon they will have thousands of images from these sources.

Eventually, when they want to print some memorabilia like a photo frame, or for a gift article like a mug, pillow, notebook, or mobile cover, you might be their source provided you are running web to print storefront. Business Opportunities are huge!

Though here is where the challenge is. It is difficult for anyone to sift through thousands of photos from different collections. This is a problem faced by every customer.

Considering this challenge, with Flexi Web to Print Storefront, we have added a feature for your end customers to directly upload an image from multiple sources. This means that when you upload your own design and mark area for your client to upload an image, the system allows the users to select a Source to upload an image. What you are giving them is ease of use to find and upload an image – so that it results in more business for you.

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