Selection Of Particular Product for CORPORATE!

The unique selling point for Flexi web to print solution is its in-built corporate printing module wherein printers can generate lots of new business from this untapped market.

Though this market is very sensitive to print turnaround time, it demands cross-country delivery, small quantity for multiple branches, sometimes thousands of branches, security, and brand identity. They also want you to take care of their brand asset management.

But volumes from them are too big to ignore, and we have noticed that our printing company clients have won orders from corporate who have been stuck with traditional printing vendors for decades. With web to print solution, their TAT has been reduced from 7 days to 3!

The point here is when you add the web to print solution for corporate printing before the world does, there's very high possibility of generating HUGE new orders, but those come with added responsibilities and you will also need brand asset management tools!

The main problem with corporate is they want centralised printing, decentralised delivery, and are very sensitive to the security of their brand identity. They want to maintain full control on which team members out of the thousands who are ordering prints, and if it's a right product they are ordering in right quantity.

That is why we bring in restriction to all products to all team members and allow print procurement or utility department to set permissions in such a way that users from a particular branch have access only to specific corporate printing products they need, and not all the products. This is a perfect web to print solution to manage your print product – we call it brand asset management!

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