Professional Quality Web To Print ready Templates!

While most clients come to you with print-ready materials, at times you might need designing capabilities too. Especially clients who are just starting up, need all types of identity creation and stationary designing services.

Of course, you do have expert knowledge for aligning and colour checking files before printing, but designing professional quality materials is a different ballgame.

Issues You Face

  • Printing margins are wafer thin, you cannot afford to offer complimentary designing services
  • Designing is a value added service, but setting up a designing studio involves lot of infrastructural cost and expertise
  • If you download readymade printing templates, you need to pay a heavy royalty fee and still convert them into self-edited web to print software

However, when you run a Flexi web to print Software, life is different!

We understand your concerns. That is why we have embedded high quality, royalty free, professional designs (Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelops, Brochure & Flyers) for your client to choose from! They simply need to log in, select the design, modify it online, proofread the print-ready file and submit to you for processing and printing!

Yes, with Flexi web to print software, your clients will send you print jobs right in your inbox!

We even act as your design studio

  • We regularly adding newer designs for your clients to choose from
  • Automatic inclusion of all the new print designs for Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelops, Brochure & Flyers in your store No extra charges!

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