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Web To Print / W2P for Advertising Agency / Benefits

24x7 Accesses to clients & printers

Web to Print Benefits - For Design Studio

Flexi W2P allows you to create multiple accounts for your clients and your printers. Their database is maintained in the system and they can access your virtual office whenever they want. This provides you clients an option to engage in business with you without actually picking up a pen or a phone!

Moreover, since the client has approved the print order, your printers can simply download the files from our server and start printing without worrying about any modifications!

Modifications and last minute changes - no more

Web2Print allows Editing on Clients Behalf

Flexi W2P allows your clients to select, retrieve, edit, proofread, finalize and order files online; you do not have to worry about being engaged into such non-core activities.

You can retain the original layouts for carrying out major design changes, while your clients can login to make small changes themselves.

Needless to say that at any point of time you can take-over and carry out the editing on the clients behalf.

Failure Free Solution

Since managing clients and printers is be a tricky proposition, there are always chances for miscommunication to creep into the system. With Flexi W2P, your clients can directly carry out minor modification like changing phone numbers, email IDs, proofreading matter and then confirm their orders.

The system will generate print-ready .pdf files and alter you once file is ready ! You just need to send Alert to your printer. Since the clients and the printers are virtually connecting with each other, the potential for errors is almost eliminated.

Welcome even small Re-print orders

After the initial designing and printing projects, the repeat orders don't always bring as much revenue. But since it is imperative to service your existing clients, you have to provide minor editing and re-printing as a value added service. Now Flexi W2P system offers a completely automated back end that your clients can use for placing re-print orders, without needing to exclusively interact with you.

You simply need to check the log for orders generated.

2-way back office administration

Since your work involves working with clients as well as printers, you need to generate invoice and Purchase Orders respectively. You also need to check the job status from the printer and inform your client. Besides you also need to make and receive payments.

Managing all the documentation and keeping tabs on the status becomes a breeze with Flexi W2P's excellent ability to handle all these administrative tasks for all three parties.

Give less to get more

The implementation of Flexi W2P system into your organization makes your customers feel important and they appreciate such service initiatives. This tells them that you look forward to retaining their accounts and nurture the relationship further.