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Flexi Print Shop / Online Print Shop / How it Works?

How does Flexi Online Print Shop work?

  • Add an Online Print Shop button on your existing website

    With Flexi web to print store front for Printers you can add a print shop to your existing website. As soon as you add a few lines of codes to your website, you will get a fully functional web to print store; ready to cater to hundreds of customers online!


  • Select a ready-to-use storefront design with hundreds of Web to Print ready templates

    You can select one of the ready made storefront templates. Web to Print ready templates / designs are associated with each store and will be automatically displayed for your customer's selection. These designs can be customized by your clients according to their needs and compiled into final print-ready files which will be sent to you, right in your inbox.

Details about paper quality, print quantity, delivery address etc can be added while setting up store front.

Standardization/ Online Quote

Standardization - Online Printing Solutions

Flexi online print shop offers you complete administration control to manage and standardize rates for paper, printing, finishing and taxes etc. You can allow your clients to choose from multiple types of papers and printing specifications. Based on your client's selections, and your predefined rates, a customized final quote will be shared with the client. Clients also have the option to upload their designs and simply select other printing parameters.

Since you can predefine courier companies and their zone-wise rates, you can cater to print-orders from almost anywhere in the world. If your rates are affordable ! Flexi web to print storefront is completely geared-up to take your print shop business international!

A 24x7 Online print shop

A 24x7 print shop

Now your print store can remain 'Always Open'. Serving customers was never this easy. You can position your services as an anytime print shop because your business no longer requires you to be physically present at your shop. Flexi web to print solution stores your client's print orders and related parameters like paper type, delivery address, finishing preference etc used by them, even while you are away.

New customer can also visit your website and select their designs, modify them, choose print specifications, place and track orders and even pay online!

All you have to do is count the Print Orders and PRINT!

Web to Print Storefront for You

As you have your web based store-front working for you 24x7, sending quote on your behalf, recording paper quality, order quantity, delivery address and accepting payments, you simply need to log into the system and click on 'Orders' button. All the orders generated for the day will be automatic listed for you to view, print and share.

You will be able to view high resolution print-ready files generated per order with complete specifications about quality, quantity, payments, delivery details etc. Since the final print-ready file has been approved by the client, you do not need to verify, modify or proofread the same. You can directly print!

As soon as you process the order and update the status, the particular client will be informed about the same through email. Since the system stores client's shipping details, your job is done. Hence, Flexi web to print online print shop offers a one-stop-shop to manage all your non-core activities, allowing you to concentrate on building print volumes.