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Web To Print / W2P for Corporate Companies

Flexi W2P solution for Business

Businesses across domains and sizes have implemented IT and automation solutions to computerized and automate almost every aspect of its operations. From administration, to order procurement, from manufacturing to logistic and accounting to payrolls, software solutions enable companies to reduce manual labor and improve efficiencies. At times, they also need to depend on systems managed by their vendors.

Along with their core products and services, businesses also need to maintain stock, order and receive promotional material, office stationery and other printed brand assets centrally. Print orders for jobs such as business cards, brochures, stationery, fliers etc are regularly generated from different departments across different branches and multiple locations.

Start using Flexi Web2Print, right from day one!

Flexi W2P - Online Web To Print Solution

Flexi W2P solution for Business is a solution that enables your procurement department to collate requests, locate relevant layouts, keep record of printers, place an order and monitor deliveries. all through a single interface, the web-browser.

It is an ideal solution for businesses enabling them to

  • Store complete corporate brand assets centrally in a digital format
  • Maintain branch database and authorization based approval system
  • Manage a list of designated print vendors with their rates and order history

Since the Flexi W2P solution is hosted SAAS (Software As A Service), you do not need to engage your IT department for implementing the same. The system is ready to use, 24x7, right from day one.

Central corporate asset management

Flexi W2P solution for Business provides administrators and print procurement departments an access to store all templates and media assets centrally while making them available online.

You can store all design templates, promotional materials etc in ready-to-print format. This ensures that all your departments and employees have access the correct corporate identity materials adhering to the guidelines for colors, logo, position, product pictures etc.

Contact our designing team to upload your files online!

Define accessibility rules and delivery details

Based on your organizational approval hierarchy, the central administrator can define the 'level' to which various authorized users can modify saved templates.

You can also define

  • Branch-wise accessibility for design templates
  • Delivery addresses for company locations
  • Multiple printers with job-wise preference
  • Define rates, Invoicing, Purchase orders etc

If you are MNC having multiple users across geographies, the Flexi W2P offers multi-user access systems too.

Set usage parameters and monitor centrally

You can send login details to various departments, branches and users concerned with the job at hand and define their usage rights. For e.g. you can restrict unauthorized viewing of material for a particular set of users while allowing full access to only those template which are suppose to use. Similar parameters can be set for editing predefined information.

The central procurement department or the system administrator can view the history of all print request generated across branches and departments.

Ease of use for the final user

The multi-user system allows every employee, department, branch and vendor a pre-determined level of access to the system. This saves lot of time for all parties involved.

We understand that your printer might still be using traditional methods to receive print-ready files and instructions from you. To aid such users, the system send URL / LINK / web address where print-ready file is stored; which can be directly accessed by your printer. Once you finalize your order, he will be instructed to download and start printing!

Due to the faster turnaround times, your employee will not need to wait for days or weeks to get small but important material like business cards and office stationery. Since all communications are generated centrally, your accounts and procurement departments will work in synchronization as they are informed about the order generation through e-mail.