Adding More Products to your web to print storefront!

Web to print Solutions been adopted as:

  • Online ordering system for digital printing where your personalization and quantity needs are small
  • Archive system to store Print-ready files of existing customers and use them for re-printing orders

In both cases, the process involves online design tools, product personalization, online proofing, and online ordering system.

Standard Web-to-print solutions have been developed by different vendors keeping in mind digital asset management and Print shop management for digital and offset printing companies. Although different printers focus on different printing products, for e.g.: few focus on office stationery like Business Cards, Letter Heads, and Envelopes, others focus on promotional materials like CD Surface Printing, Brochure/Flyer Printing, and so on. Needless to say, there are digital printing stores, which focus on personalized printing on t-shirts, key-chains, mugs, and other such articles.

The various products commonly involve some kind of printing. When it comes to the Online Printing process, the system remains identical:

  • Allow to select ready made design or facility to upload existing design
  • Offer Online Quote
  • Pay Online

The point is that when you select web-to-print solutions, you must make sure that it allows you the facility to add products for which you are providing the printing service.

It is especially important to get the facility of uploading your own design when you have a Unique product. This design should be editable by your customer for product personalization OR your customer should be provided with the facility to upload their design just for printing.

When you have unique products, you also need to configure your own rates of printing depending on the size, quality, and weight (for courier).

Needless to say, you need to make sure that the Print shop management software you are buying has an inbuilt Payment Gateway, which allows your customer to pay online. In short, the complete process of online Printing should be integrated with the web to print Storefront.

Many web-to-print solutions providers attract you with thousands of free web to print templates only for office stationery, without the facility for you to add the printing products that you deal in. If they do provide you this facility, they might not offer you the option to upload your unique design. Their package would imply that you either use their web to print templates or create designs using their online design tool, which is not friendly and will take too much time to design even a simple layout.

When you add a product, it should be clearly and automatically visible to your clients visiting your online printing store with calculator for the price and the facility to either upload a design or select from pre-designed layouts.

With Flexi web2print, this feature comes as a standard product feature. Visit Admin Demo and try it yourself to see how easy it is to add your own product and configure rates for the same.

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