Online Quote/Online Calculator – core of Online Printing!

The core of any Online Printing services is an instant online Quote to the client based on his selection of the product that he wants to print, the quantity, the finishing items, and the courier charges with taxes.

Web to Print Store front acts as your 24×7 Print shop management system, which accepts orders even when you are asleep! It keeps the complete Job sheet with the print-ready file in your Order Management tool where you just need to schedule all the jobs for printing the next morning.

Before you get ready to print the order, you must quote your customer, which is connected with many questions that you need to raise such as:

  • What is the product he wants to print (Business Card, Letterhead, etc.)?
  • Quantity he wants to print with number of colors on the front /back of each sheet
  • Quality of Paper he wants to use
  • Any finishing he wants to add such as Lamination, Spot UV, Folds, and so on
  • Delivery Location

Answer clarification to each of the points is directly connected to the cost. As a printing company, you need to be ready with all details of the various types of paper you offer with finishing items in addition to the standard printing rate.

Many digital companies have a straight price list in Excel format, which they need to incorporate in the system. Offset printing follows a different method and their cost per print reduces when the quantity increases, as certain fixed costs (such as the cost of plate) are distributed when there is a huge quantity.

When you have the facility to door deliver products at different locations, you also need to clearly indicate the cost of delivery/ courier charges based on the weight of the final package and the delivery location/s.

When you opt for web-to-print solutions, it is very important to understand if the system provides the facility for you to define the cost of printing, the different finishing options, and the paper types, which are linked with the courier module.

What if you are an offset printing company wherein the cost is calculated based on parameters such as Paper Size, Paper Weight, Plate, Finishing, Machine Size, and even Courier Rates? It is very important to have facility for entering straight rates based on the order quantity, which is very common in case of corporate customers.

Many of web to print solutions are developed by IT experts without understanding much of how different printing processes work. The bases of calculations are very different. What is important is to display the calculator on your website in a format, which the users can easily understand.

We at Flexi web to print give Flexible options of calculators:

  • Simple Online Calculator when you have a fixed price list based on for Paper, Quantity, and Finishing Items
  • Intuitive Dynamic Calculator when you want to offer rates dynamically based on huge quantities selected by user
  • Straight Rates for Corporate Customers when the rates are fixed based on the materials they want to print regularly and all other costs are already considered in the quote that is pre-defined for this kind of special customer

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