Web to Print Rush?

What do I need to check when I select Web-to-Print solutions?

After the success stories of few of online printing ventures out of 1000s launched and especially after a lot of buzz for Web2print, all digital and offset printers started fearing for their survival. This fear led them to copy others blindly, and invest huge amounts just to survive without understanding the online model of printing.

Everybody started talking about Online design tools, Online Ordering systems, Online proofing, digital asset management, web-to-print solutions, web to print shop, Print shop management software/ solutions, web to print templates, Online printing software solutions, and what not!

Nobody realized the fact that there are no 360 degrees solutions offered by a single vendor, and synchronization is necessary for this web to print model to work as feasible solutions to the end customer.

It is always better to understand the concept/ technology/ buzz word before implementing it. Instead of rushing towards every vendor who approaches you with the tag of “Web to Print solutions expert,” it is better to understand what the technology really is!

For any core web to print Store front, what you need is

  • A Solution, which take cares of technical nitty-gritty of running web to print server so that you can focus on your core business of printing; instead of vendor convincing you to buy expensive dedicated web to print solutions.

    Check for solutions, which offers you multiple Print shops to match your current corporate brand identity; so your existing client don’t get confused.
  • A Solution, which has in-built professional quality online editable designs; most vendors either promise you 25000+ designs where 90% of designs have just color/shape variance. They could also give you a non-functional tool with the claim that you can create any kind of design you want. To test their claim, try their demo or try creating a creative professional design! You are the best judge!

    Check if they have professional quality royalty free web to print designs and if they keep updating them regularly.
  • A Solution, which allows you to upload your own, designs templates, which are then edited by your visitors. Most web2print solutions providers offer you online design creation tools but creating designs is like painting it with the hand.

    Please note that nobody can replicate very popular desktop design tools, which we have now been using for years. It is important for you to have the facility to upload what you have already created on your desktop instead of struggling and creating or re-creating it online using useless web-based design tools.

    Check if the solutions you are opting for give you facility to upload your own designs.
  • A Solution, which allows you to handle your corporate customers with dedicated pages or the web to print digital asset management tool instead of recommending the same retail Print shop management software to cater to them.

    Check if the vendor clearly indicates that the corporate module is inbuilt within the system.

When you do not consider this fact; you end up paying for

  • Fancy Web to Print Solutions Provider, who just provides you online tools with no other function such as template and corporate module or even the facility to upload your own design
  • Royalty fee to template creating company to use their template for web to print, which is normally a heavy one-time fee and a regular monthly fee
  • Converting the templates you bought to web to print format unless your web2print solutions provider supports the format supplied by the web to print template creator. If there is no synchronization, you lose all your efforts and money.

Please Note: Most of the time, the synchronization of engines and designs are not possible if the web2print developer and the template creator are two different companies/vendors.

To avoid all this, why not find a vendor who is a developer of web to print solutions, the owner and designer of web-to-print ready templates, and also a popular web designing company that knows the in and out of web application, e-commerce, and online print shop management.

We at Flexi Web 2 Print bring you Flexibility, Dependability, Technical acumen, Execution expertise, and more. The Web-to-Print offering harnesses the technical prowess and functionality of the web and fuses it with the creative aspects from the printing and designing arena. Check http://www.flexiweb2print.com/flexi-web-to-print.html

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