Tried to Order Prints Online Yet?

We often say that experience is the best teacher. For some subjects, merely relying on books or seeking clarification from experts is not enough. An example of this is Web to Print (W2P). To understand how W2P or online printing works, start by placing small digital printing orders with websites functioning in your vicinity.

Try to place an order with a leading printing company’s website for best results. If you do not find a W2P storefront in your area, identify and place an order with websites offering this service in other parts of the state or country. Being in the printing industry, you know the print order steps and can select options provided in live quote calculators (such as lamination, cuts, paper quality based on GSM, etc.)

Such an exercise helps you understand how a front-end online printing store functions and enables you to experience what your customers will experience on receiving similar online printing facility.

With the options of printing, logistics, payment methods, and order tracking status along with delivery time being defined beforehand, you can gauge the ease of ordering online. Above all, when the final product arrives, you can examine the packaging, print quality and speed of delivery.

The whole exercise should also be repeated by placing a re-print order and logging into your order history. Your test order can be a small quantity of business cards, handout posters, communication flyers or any other promotional material.

After a couple of deliveries, (ideally from different printing companies), you will experience how web to print technology is transforming the way people place print orders online. It is even possible that in the near future, this method of online print orders will stay for good.

Once you have a first-hand experience in online printing and interaction with multiple vendors (assuming you ordered from multiple printing companies during the test order), you will be in a better position to judge the different web to print solutions available in the market.

You will also get ideas about the rates offered online and the impact of taxes and courier charges on the total cost. With these pointers in mind, you can make critical business decisions by answering questions such as

  • Are you ready to generate new orders from outside your current delivery area?
  • How do you propose to manage the additional costs?

Additionally, the websites from where you placed orders might send reminder and offer emails. This will give you ideas about how technology can help you stay in touch with customers. It is the best method to maintain customer relationships and generate repeat orders.

By the end of the entire exercise, you may feel that it was not the technology but the alternate method of online ordering that made your life (as a consumer) easier. Isn’t it wonderful that a fully customized print job can be completed and ordered even without leaving your desk?

By setting up W2P storefront for your printing facility, you can explore endless possibilities and not remain confined to the services and knowledge of your consultant. Once done, you can contact the backend or demo team of the vendors you approached. This will help you get hands-on experience on how to

deal with support/query calls from your own customers.

We are positive that this economical learning session will help you conclude on your pending decision to opt for web to print powered online printing store. We repeat, don't go with second-hand research. Just go ahead and experience it!

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