Die-Cut Cards and Web to Print Solutions

In the previous post‘Offering Innovative Print Product Using Web to Print’, we covered the basics on how you can encourage more prints by offering innovative print ideas and collateral. It is high time for the printing industry to develop creative ways to highlight the USP of their services, especially at this stage when there are several challenges from the digital world.

This post covers one such innovative print product. We will discuss how you can offer die-cut products online using web to print (W2P) technology. Producing die-cut cards is neither easy nor cost-effective, as it requires pre-designed plates with the corresponding blades. The creativity one can use for generating different shapes and sizes for different print products especially for unique business cards, 3D/pop-up invitation cards, etc. are infinite.

Every time you receive an order for die-cut printing, you might need to opt for a customized plate, which makes it difficult to offer die-cut product as standard printing product. The solution to this comes from short-run / digital printing.

Let us assume, that you have standard round die-cut plates. It is possible to print almost anything on paper, even for small quantities, when the requirement is with digital printing. Now imagine the manifold possibilities of all the things you can print using the round framework.

From a gaming ball for the sports industry, to a fruit bowl for the food industry or even a CD for the music industry, anything is possible. Even if someone wants to carry unique, round business cards instead of the universal rectangular ones, you have a ready solution!

Suppose you have created something unique for your client and you have not charged them for the design or in case you have permission to reproduce the said design or offer the idea to others. For example, you created a comb-shaped card for a beauty parlor, so you already have a die that can be used elsewhere.

In both cases, the idea is that when you have a die, and print matter is different, you can offer this as a standard ready product. However, this is possible only when it is online, and the end user or customer can view / edit / modify the content within the shape, the way they choose.

Whether you charge them for the plate or not, is your choice. Ideally, when you have already covered the cost of the plate, it is preferable that you don't charge the customer for it; offer them unique card at standard printing price. This will surely be considered as innovative and unique, and will in turn generate more business. This would definitely mean more print runs for you. Print more to earn more!

If you get the drift, go ahead and invest towards making variety of plates, which you can offer as your Unique Print Product. See picture below.

In conclusion, you still need technology to make this happen online, where the user can choose from different die-cut shapes, which are pre-uploaded in the system by your designer. The more creativity and uniqueness you display, more customers will pull. These ideas can go viral on social media channels, like FB, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and bring you multiple orders!

IAs a printing company, we must understand and adopt different technologies and unique ideas and leverage social media to help us earn more. If you have the platform, we have the tools to ideate! Let’s connect and discuss…

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