Web to Print Checklist

Are you ready to implement a W2Print solution? Or are you too busy running your current digital/ offset printing business? Probably you are ready but also very busy. It is always better to plan and act instead of just acting out of excitement and never being able to implement web to print storefront.

With this blog post, we are trying to make a checklist of the information you must keep ready before you engage a Web2Print solution provider. This exercise saves setup time and helps you go ahead with your online printing storefront within a week (depending on the complexity of the Web 2 Print solution you need).

This list will also help you evaluate Web to Print vendors and check how easy or difficult it is for you to add your print product, printing rates, taxes, courier rates and online payment connectivity.

Before we start, we need to understand that Web 2 Print is a kind of online store where:

  • Your retail or corporate customer will visit your web to print storefront Website (Instead of calling you on phone)
  • Select a Print Product they want to procure and enter the quantity.
  • Upload their file or use readymade template.
  • Check Online Digital Proof.
  • Pay and check Out.

Nothing as such changes except the w2p based ordering method. Once the order is confirmed, you still need to print and deliver it to your client’s doorstep. Though while accepting printing order online you need to feed in your print products, printing rates, logistics charges and online payment mechanism.

Here is the checklist:

  • Website: Do you have a website?
    • If Answer is No, start by booking a domain name. Your Web to Print provider can help you book one.
    • If you already have a business website, check with your vendor if he can incorporate a Web 2 Print engine on it.
  • Payment Gateway: The most important and time-consuming task (in some countries) is to acquire a payment gateway account so that the money paid by your clients is directly credited to your bank account. In some cases, you need to submit many documents. Hence, one should ideally start by applying for a payment gateway and sharing the documents with the W2P vendor to integrate the same.
  • Product List: With an online printing store, you will also be offering a real-time, online calculator for your client to see the rates for the items they want to order. Hence, you need to be ready with the following product related information:
    • List of products to be displayed (e.g. Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Flyers)
    • Finishing items for each of the products (e.g. Spot Lamination, Folding, Cutting)
    • Rates for product printing and its finishing
    • Applicable Taxes
    • Shipping Charges

Other Requisites:

You are almost done. What you will now have to learn is to upload print products (of your existing customers) along with the specific fonts to your Web 2 Print storefront. For training purposes, keep two sample designs with fonts handy.

Once you are ready with these details, you can start learning from your vendor on how to upload/ update this information into Web 2 Print solution.

At Flexi Web to Print, we only need two hours (max) to setup your account. Our experience in setting up stores for our clients indicates that clients need a maximum of seven training sessions (we can provide up to ten sessions x 1 hour each) to learn the nuances. We have noticed that clients go LIVE within minimum 1 week, while some might take up to 10 days.

Are you ready? Contact us and we will send you a checklist file along with multiple options of ready to use Web to Print storefront designs.

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