Can you promote your online printing on Facebook?

In the month of January 2013, we came across lot of media reports about the “30 years of the Internet!” Most of these reports pegged the total Internet Users across the world to 2.2 Billion. At the same time, Facebook was claiming to have more than 1.1 Billion users registered with them.

So does it mean that 50% of the world’s Internet using population is connected by a single platform? Isn’t it then the single largest human directory on earth? It also means that almost every country must have a proportionally large base of Facebook users. Now, what do these figures means to us? Or to any advertiser?

While the world knows about, it is high time we start understanding what this social media or social media marketing is all about.

  • Is it a FACT or FEAR?
  • Can you advertise your web to print based online printing store on Facebook?
  • How do you engage your prospects?
  • How do you spread awareness about your products/ services and generate business inquiries?

Well, there are no free lunches! While Facebook seems ‘FREE’, it is anything but that! Its revenue comes from placing advertisement on screens! Of course, the first steps are free. In case you do not already have a Facebook page, you can start by creating a dedicated page for your Online Printing Store. Start Here!

Once you page is ready, you can incorporate the Facebook Logo on your web to print storefront and provide a link so that visitors can directly “Like” your Facebook page while visiting your online printing store. In this manner, you can start building a user base that wishes to hear about your Printing services.

However, it is difficult to build up a significant database by manually inviting friends/ clients. This is where Facebook Advertisements can help you quickly promote your page to a specific target audience. Learn More (we will cover Facebook marketing in the upcoming blogs).

You need to be very careful about generating paid Likes on Facebook for your web2print store. Here, one should focus on Quality than Quantity. This can be achieved by keeping a low “Daily Advertising Budget” & specific target (FB allows you to choose your target audience). If you are consistent with this for a couple of months, you will start building authentic (unique/ human) connections for your page / online printing store. These potential clients can always visit your online store and place orders.

However, that is just half the story. While generating Likes is an ongoing task, retaining / engaging these users is also a challenging. If you keep hammering promotional messages and sales offers on your wall, users would not be interested. In order to engage them and retain their interest, you need to come up with unique ideas that can start conservations. Moreover, you should be able to provide instant replies to their comments and queries.

Try This

  • Share interesting case studies about unique print or design jobs that your team might have executed. Even write a short description about the same. Do this one or two times a week.
  • Facebook paid advertisement also allows you to reach 1000 of your fans and friends of fans for say US$5, and your message/ advt. is visible to 1000+ people in a day or two, guaranteed.

Facebook marketing is huge. We cannot possible cover it in one article. Hence, keep checking our blog for articles on marketing through Facebook or social media!

It is all about reaching more by paying less!

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