What do Users really want to see on an Online Printing Site?

As a printing company, it is very important for you to understand what users would like to see when they come to your web to print enable Online Printing Site. Most printers blindly invest heavily in fancy web to print shops, which brings no value to their customers or visitors to the print Storefront.

In a simple word, “Online Printing” is nothing but placing printing orders online instead of visiting a digital store or a printing company (in person with a pen drive). The main reason for customers visiting a printing company is straight and simple: they want to Print Something. Most clients approach the printing company with print-ready files in place.

Sometimes individuals/ small companies starting a new venture or requiring to carryout minor modifications in the address, phone number, and so on, will require designing services too. They will need to change their existing design and once their designs are finalized, they will come to you only for printing or re-printing. They will approach a designing company before approaching a printing company.

The point is why would printing companies focus more on providing fancy online editors or thousands of non-usable, unprofessional design templates to their customers? Why should printing companies divert their attention to designing? As a printer, are you offering these services to customers visiting you in person? If not, why would you want to change this method for your online Store front?

It is always treated as a valued added point if you provide an online editor along with professional quality templates or the facility to carryout minor modification online. However, you need not invest a huge amount on this fancy stuff and forget that the core purpose of your visitor approaching you or your site is Printing.

After running our own online Printing site http://www.flexiprint.in in In India; we are aware that hardly 5 orders out of 100 use templates or request us to create a design for them. Most clients come to us exclusively for Printing!

What customers really want is an online printing order system with minimum steps. They only want to see the products they are interested in for commercial printing. They are not interested in personalized products like mugs, t-shirts, key-chains or mouse pads.

The other things that they would like to see are the rates you offer for different quantities, the quality of standard paper on which you print, the turnaround time, and most importantly, the facility for them to upload their print-ready file and pay online. That’s all! A No Nonsense Print Ordering System!

They feel confused when they see hundreds of items on offer for printing! They get impatient when they need to struggle to find where to upload a file. They get irritated when they see a big standard price list like a restaurant menu.

I am here for printing; tell me how much you will charge? Take the file and deliver! The next time they place a re-print order, they will expect you to have their file stored under their profile. They will also expect a facility to allow them to carry online modifications, if any, and print.

We at Flexi Web 2 Print understand this very well. This is why we have developed a online print ordering system, keeping in mind the simplicity of ordering and providing a professional editing tool with real professional quality designs in case you get more customers with no designs of their own! We have the best of both worlds!

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